Tab Clearing

DHS has bought another 21.6 million rounds of HP .40 for “training.” Brings total to 1.6 billion rounds purchased in the past 10 months. No wonder I can’t find any.

NRA chief seems confident that Congress will not pass any firearm/magazine legislation this session. We can only pray. Not really, call your Congressman and keep up the pressure. Be diligent.

Daren Junesco wrote a post over at American Thinker dealing with Leon Panetta’s reveal yesterday at the Benghazi hearing that President Obama seemed nonchalant about American citizens dying. This travesty is one of the worst examples of incompetence in my lifetime. I hope the few politicians that are keeping pressure on the administration continue to do so. Might be a good idea to let them know that it is appreciated.


Breaking the Law is Wrong, Unless It Isn’t

Emily Miller it’s converting the story of David Gregory not getting arrested for blatantly breaking DC’s “high capacity” magazine ban.

Hedging Their Bets

According to this the Democrats are hedging their bets on ammo capacity. The bill will be introduced along side Feinstein’s AWB. My issue is that 30rd AR magazines (now assault clips) and 10+ round pistol magazines are standard capacity, not “high capacity.” They are what the firearms are issued with.

People fear what they are ignorant of and until recently gun familiarity was in a decline. It wasn’t until Gun Culture 2.0 was became active that “modern sporting rifle” entered the lexicon of the media. We need to educate our opponents through open dialogue and intelligent discourse. Take a non-gunner shooting, take a niece or nephew shooting, buy a gift certificate for a friend. Open their eyes.