Life Imitating Art?

This story has been sporadic in the news (at least MSM), but I think it is a telling story. This is also happening while I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the 1st time, so it seems especially relevant. The CEO pens it as a loss of religious freedom, but it is also a lost of personal freedom.

For the Federal Government to mandate an action that violates one’s religious beliefs was the very intent of the 1st Amendment. The owners do not believe in abortion and see it as murder. An equivalent would be the Government requiring all Quaker-owned businesses to require Reserve Duty of their employees.

David Green has stated that they will pay the daily fine until they are forced to close their doors. While a different approach than the “strikers” of Shrugged, it is in the same spirit of protest. I can only see more and more businesses mirroring this decision and greater regulations are forced on them by the Government. Like the ice cream shop that has to install a $25,000 grease trap to open when he will have no grease in the building (the fate of a local business) or the Rawsome Raids on “unregulated” milk. These asinine laws are hurting small businesses and ultimately a hindrance to our economy. I look for more business to start closing versus dealing with the additional headache/cost of dealing in an overly regulated environment.

See, I told you not all of my posts would be firearm related.