Wake Up! Chuck Baldwin Speaks.

Current Pastor and Former Constitution Party Presidential Candidate had an awesome blog post recently. While at the end, he turns it into a sales pitch for his new book (which deals with the right to defend oneself based on scripture), all of his point are extremely valid. A major point of contention of his is the silence coming from our church leaders.

Can one imagine what would happen in this country if half of these pastors would get up in their pulpits this Sunday and sound the clarion call to stand up and fight these insidious encroachments against our liberties? What if 25% would? What would happen if only 10% would rise up and take a stand?

I constantly face the attitude from fellow believers that all we as Christians should do in the realm of politics is pray “cause God will take care of us.” While I don’t disagree entirely with the power of prayer, I believe that we serve a God of action. Action is a sign of faith and we are to live by faith. I have also heard the counter argument that maybe God doesn’t give freedom as a right. The thought process on that is that the Old Testament laid out rules for slavery and servitude. My thought on that is the same as divorce. God doesn’t like it, but realized that it was going to happen (as he gave us free will) so he laid out some basic ground rules. He is a gracious God and a loving father. How many of us parents gave freedom to our children and even said what would happen when they did something they we didn’t approve of. That it a post for another day.

I like Chuck and I really like what he is saying in his post. We need to stand up for our nation and we need to know that to do so is within our right as Christians. Pass this along.



The Only True Minority

Great post by a friend of mine about why Individualism should be the only minority recognized.


There is a constant danger threatening one of the most fundamental principles in the US. This danger is masked by noble intentions, paraded as if proven effective, and instilled in many as a truth so clear and obvious that anyone who dares to speak against it is treated as a heretic. This danger is minority rights. Even though we have seen throughout history that individualism has been the most effective way to ensure equal rights and social mobility, people still find collectivism appealing. Aristocracy, caste, and even slavery have been virtually removed from societies solely by the principle that every man is created equal and owning himself, i.e. Individualism. The reasons why these principles are proven should be reiterated again and again to make certain we never lose these freedoms.

The Fair Pay Act is being proposed to attempt to eliminate pay differences based on discrimination. There is no dispute that…

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Revolution Part Deux

I recently learned something about American history that I didn’t know. The Battle at Lexington and Concord was because of imposed British disarmament of the local militia. Seems The American War of Independence began on April 19, 1775, when 700 Redcoats under the command of Major John Pitcairn left Boston to seize American arms at Lexington and Concord. (Source).

Senator Feinstein has been very adamant that she “doesn’t want to take our guns” but look at what her home state is proposing. Complete seizure of all registered assault weapons, which they are aware of due to registration. This proves that they do in fact, want our guns. Even though I don’t live in California, this scares me. We have to be ever vigilant. If California wins this, other states will become emboldened and attempt such draconian measures. A 500 round limit…I shoot that on a good range day. Or I did, before 5.56 became unobtanium.

Please contact your Congressmen. Lets fight this, and keep the Republic alive. None of us want to fight for our God-given rights, but if this country doesn’t change course, it may become necessary. If we lose this battle on the Hill, we may have to carry it to the streets.


I swore when I started this blog that I would be diligent about posting regularly. My last post was Jan 15th, and I failed miserably. I got lazy. I would think of a topic and say to myself, “Self, I’m busy right now, but I will post about that later.” Later became hours, which became days, which has become weeks. That has to stop, for more reason than one. Blogging is an outlet for my rage at the current circumstances in our country. It allows me to vent the frustration that I feel at the apathy of our population. This brings me to the other aspect that I noticed. WE as a free people HAVE to be diligent in the protection of our freedoms. Like a lobster in a pot, as long as there is no sudden jump in temperature, we get comfortable and complacent. We say, “Well, that isn’t such a big deal and it doesn’t affect me, so I’m not going to bother standing against it.” As the old adage goes, if you give an inch, a mile will be taken. To quote John Phillip Curran, “t is the common fate of the indolent to see their rights become a prey to the active. The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime and the punishment of his guilt.”

We have to be on guard against the enemies of freedom, we must be like sheepdogs and keep the wolves at bay. Check out this video below from Nutnfancy:

Do Something!

Hopefully you have contacted you representatives. Hopefully you have joined the NRA and/or another 2nd Amendment organization. Now it is time to do something else. On Saturday, January 19, across this great nation, patriots will be gathering at our respective state capitols for a peaceful, friendly demonstration of how we feel about our rights. Here in South Carolina, Columbia will be full of people who are ready to take a stand. Sootch00 has put together the video. Please watch it, share it, and spread the word.

Travis Haley Speaks

This may be the most concise hard-hitting video on the impending gun control. ***WARNING – there is some language, but we are all adults and this is a serious matter***

It is from Travis Haley, founder and CEO of Haley Strategic, former CEO of Magpul Dynamics. Haley is a veteran Force Recon Marine who has real world experience in areas that have disarmed their citizenry.

Life Imitating Art?

This story has been sporadic in the news (at least MSM), but I think it is a telling story. This is also happening while I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the 1st time, so it seems especially relevant. The CEO pens it as a loss of religious freedom, but it is also a lost of personal freedom.

For the Federal Government to mandate an action that violates one’s religious beliefs was the very intent of the 1st Amendment. The owners do not believe in abortion and see it as murder. An equivalent would be the Government requiring all Quaker-owned businesses to require Reserve Duty of their employees.

David Green has stated that they will pay the daily fine until they are forced to close their doors. While a different approach than the “strikers” of Shrugged, it is in the same spirit of protest. I can only see more and more businesses mirroring this decision and greater regulations are forced on them by the Government. Like the ice cream shop that has to install a $25,000 grease trap to open when he will have no grease in the building (the fate of a local business) or the Rawsome Raids on “unregulated” milk. These asinine laws are hurting small businesses and ultimately a hindrance to our economy. I look for more business to start closing versus dealing with the additional headache/cost of dealing in an overly regulated environment.

See, I told you not all of my posts would be firearm related.