Wake Up! Chuck Baldwin Speaks.

Current Pastor and Former Constitution Party Presidential Candidate had an awesome blog post recently. While at the end, he turns it into a sales pitch for his new book (which deals with the right to defend oneself based on scripture), all of his point are extremely valid. A major point of contention of his is the silence coming from our church leaders.

Can one imagine what would happen in this country if half of these pastors would get up in their pulpits this Sunday and sound the clarion call to stand up and fight these insidious encroachments against our liberties? What if 25% would? What would happen if only 10% would rise up and take a stand?

I constantly face the attitude from fellow believers that all we as Christians should do in the realm of politics is pray “cause God will take care of us.” While I don’t disagree entirely with the power of prayer, I believe that we serve a God of action. Action is a sign of faith and we are to live by faith. I have also heard the counter argument that maybe God doesn’t give freedom as a right. The thought process on that is that the Old Testament laid out rules for slavery and servitude. My thought on that is the same as divorce. God doesn’t like it, but realized that it was going to happen (as he gave us free will) so he laid out some basic ground rules. He is a gracious God and a loving father. How many of us parents gave freedom to our children and even said what would happen when they did something they we didn’t approve of. That it a post for another day.

I like Chuck and I really like what he is saying in his post. We need to stand up for our nation and we need to know that to do so is within our right as Christians. Pass this along.



He Doesn’t Represent Me

South Carolina State Senator Lindsey Graham has betrayed his constituents. Yesterday he introduced a bipartisan bill for universal background checks under the guise of preventing those that are ” insane” from purchasing guns. I have been thinking about this issue for awhile as I was very conflicted about it. I don’t like crazy people wielding guns, but at the same time, a right is a right. My friend and fellow Libertarian Austrianaut put it this way. He said, “Now, everybody has a crazy uncle Earl. While crazy uncle Earl may seem a bit off his rocker due to what happened to him back in ‘Nam, would you ever want your beloved (yet slightly off-kilter) uncle becoming a victim of a home invasion due to his mental state?” That really got me thinking. NO ONE should ever be stripped of their right to defend themselves, EVER! Rights are innate and should never be taken away. In my eyes, I guess that also means voting rights.

Senator Graham also spent last night wining and dining with the President instead of standing with Senator Paul on US Soil Drone Strikes. Not only did he not show solidarity with his fellow conservatives (and an absolute respect for the Constitution), he showed support for the current administration and their ideal that killing US citizens on US soil was a-OK. “Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, praised the Obama administration for its use of drone strikes abroad and offered his view that the wartime authority Congress granted to use military force against Al Qaeda made no exception for domestic soil. Mr. Holder indicated that he agreed.” He has no respect for us and no respect for the Constitution.

Let’s make sure that this RINO knows where we stand in 2014.